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C RING. The modular sensor platform
Modular future has a name. C RING.

The modular platform for intelligent sensors in logistics.
Demands on logistics are steadily rising. These challenges can be met by sensor solutions.
The C RING is a modular platform for sensors and digital applications of various kinds for indoor and outdoor usage. It is capable of offering you a overall solution for your individual use case.
Collection and processing of cargo and weather data, WIFI, digital image capturing and scanning. Every collection, measurement and synchronisation of data happens in real time at any place and time you want. With its connected sensors C RING is able to help you to take care of cargo management, safety, support and service. You can choose individually which sensor setup you want to have for your C RING.
Create your individual sensor platform and get a free proposal for your use case - Free & Easy
Is your business digitalised yet?
Many work processes are still done manually. The registration of general cargo, container, wagons, navigation of parking spaces, scanning of incoming and outgoing cargo, commissioning...
We can help you make all of it a lot easier.
C RING can collect image and other data - digital measuring, collecting and processing in real time.

We listen to you!
And do it thoroughly. We involve you in the process of finding a solution. Our philosophy is - it has to fit you 100%. Therefore you are in from the beginning and control the outcome of your solution significantly. We build the C RING which fits you precisely.
Four advantages which will get you ahead of your competition.
C RING is weatherproof and can be mounted easily to any pole.
Individual solution
Easy to switch moduls
Attachable everywhere
Battery available
         Sensor moduls optionaly interchangable 
from other C RING
ring to ring
from warehouse
your warehouse
from new order
you can order new moduls
Create your individual sensor platform and get a free proposal for your use case - Free & Easy
Exemplary Use-Case
Automatic navigation of container parking space. Incoming cargo and storage.
The truck enters the vehicle park. The C RING collects the data of the truck via camera or sensor.
Collection of data for legitimation
The driver transmits his personal data via smartphone to the C RING.
Navigation of destination
The C RING transmits the destination and navigation to the driver after legitimization. The Truck is now in its assigned parking space.
Final confirmation of data 
The logistics staff gets information from the C RING: Container is in its assigned parking space.
Transmitting data
After checking the container, the data is directly accessable. The container can be reassigned to logistics. (e.g. for maintenance)
Onwards journey with new cargo - Scan via C RING
The C RING recieves new data after reloading of the container. The truck with its cargo leaves the vehicle park. The C RING changes status of container to “en route“.
»Create your individual sensor platform and get a free proposal for your use case«
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